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Which way this May

Which way this May

Dead Sea Psoriasis & Arthritis Treatment Foundation

Well it is that time of the year again, either your skin is bad and your starting to think about going back to the Dead Sea; or your skin is in good shape and you will spend your money on other things. I hope it is the latter. If not and like me, you will be floating and sunning at the Dead Sea this summer.

So if you have found a great deal on accommodations or want to offer advise and recommendation, please post at our web site, email me or have your travel agent contact our foundation. After all, we want to support those who offer good service and prices and you are the most knowledgeable source of information for others who need help and advise.

Again this May, I will bring the digital camera and take progress photos. If anyone wants to track their progress with photos, both for the web or privet, please let me know how to reach you before and during the month of May. I can leave the camera with anyone planning to be there in June and who is willing to take and email photos. Just contact me at the email address below.

Do you know we have a DSPA Chat ( your letter publish in real time ) on our web page . You are welcome and encouraged to use it. I check it each day and will police it as best I can. I am still working on the Members Chat for privet conversation but have problems with pass-wording. Do you also know we have a corporate/foundation account with both Hertz and Avis car rental companies. You will get a discount and the foundation gets one days rental for every week you rent. These bonus rental days, good anywhere these companies operate, will be Auctioned off, raffled or divided by participants. These discounts, in Israel, may only be good for rentals originating at the airport in Tel-Aviv. You know they make their own rules at the Dead Sea, but with this exception, I believe the discounts are offered every where else these companies operate. Email me for account numbers.

If you have photos from last year or plan to take some great pictures this years, bring them or send them. I will bring a scanner this May or scan them yourself and send them. Publication subject to foundation discretion.

Have you thought about what you would need to bring to the Dead Sea this year. Ok, money is a given. You can never bring enough of that, but I always forget something! After all, it’s been a year since I told myself, “self” you need to bring ( blank ) the next time you go to the Dead Sea. Please post your list or recommendations at or email me.

I used IBM Network last year for a dial-up account / internet service. I had good luck with it but still had long distance charges to Tel-Aviv. Has anyone used a Cell-phone for connection and or another dial-up provider? Has anyone had luck with AOL in Israel?

Which airport do you like? We now have three international airports: Tel-Aviv, Eilat and Gaza, and one regional ( somewhere near the Dead Sea ) can you provide information about the last three?

As always, you and the foundation would like to help someone who just would otherwise not be able to get to the Dead Sea. If you want to make a contribution or know someone who might, all donations will go toward that goal. Ideally, we want to help a young person and most of the hotels and travel agents will work with us to provide a single person priced room for a parent and child. Every little bit helps and you know from your own experience what a difference a few months of clear skin and the experience of meeting so many people with the same problem can do for your self esteem and well being.

Wishing you clear skin I will be at the Dead Sea May-June, if I do not see you there, and I hope I don’t, I hope to see or hear from you again soon.

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