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Dead Sea info

Dead Sea info


I have known people that do well with just 2 weeks. In most cases they also have mild psoriasis, in addition most of them, that I know, are from Europe and it is not so hard to get there.

If you are coming from the states, I would consider nothing less than 2-3 weeks.

You need at least a week to get acclimated and to build up the time you will spend exposing your skin to the sun. After a week, depending on your skin type, you should be able to spend 6-8 hours a day in direct sun. It is the sun exposure, mostly UVA Light Wave, that slows down and eventually inhibits the overproduction of skin cells.

You can find some price offers from travel agents specializing in Dead Sea travel and lodging on our web site. These are somewhat discounted prices, however it is still very expensive.

The Treatment itself is the exposure to the sun. However, you also apply lots of baby oil, creams etc., “treatment” at the clinics will provide you a physician that will evaluate your skin and recommend how much time you should spend in the sun, DOUBLE WHAT EVER THEY TELL YOU. You can get all the creams and bath oil you will need from the clinic and if needed a nurses will treat your scalp daily.

The clinic usually cost around $600-900 for 28 days and will include an entrance pass for the public solarium.

The cost is mostly in getting to Israel, roughly $1000 depending where you fly out of, and your accommodations. You can expect to pay no less than $100 per night. Most hotels offer breakfast and dinner inclusive with the room.

I hope this information helps. Be sure to have another look at or web page for prices and you may also be interested in sharing a room. If so you can often find posting from others looking for a roommate to cut cost.

We are also hoping to get enough donations to help a minor child get to the Dead Sea this year. As you may know children are limited in treatment options. If creams and cortisones don’t help, they don’t have many other options. The cannot take the systemic drugs adult can.

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