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Osteoporosis Exercise to Osteoporosis Treatments

Osteoporosis Exercise to Osteoporosis Treatments

Osteoporosis is a disease that many people suffer from when they get older. If you have it, then your bones are weak and easily fractured or broken, especially around the hips, spine and wrist areas. One way in avoiding osteoporosis, or at least aiding your bones in strength after getting it, is to exercise.

Exercise is one of those things that is recommended for the over all health of your body, but not everybody thinks about it for osteoporosis. The reason it that when you are suffering from osteoporosis, your bones are easy to fracture and even break, especially when looking at certain locations, including, as said above, your wrist, hips and spine, and people tend to think that exercising is dangerous because they might fracture a bone.

The truth is that exercise aids in helping your body to care for the bones. For one thing, your muscles that surround the bone will enable you to do more without straining yourself, and you will also increase in your balance, which means that you are less likely to fall and fracture a bone.

If you plan to start exercising to help prevent, or to help treat osteoporosis, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor. If you already have Osteoporosis, then you may need to get a bone density test to help decide what exercises are best for you. Just like with things like dieting, there is not a plan that will help all people. There is a different plan for each person and following the wrong one will not give you the results you want. There are three main types of training that benefit people with osteoporosis more than others. They are strength training, aerobics with weights, and flexibility.

Strength training that focuses on your back is the best. This will improve your posture and help avoid compression fractures along your spine.

Weight-bearing aerobic exercises that keep you on your feet are the best. They help to slow mineral loss in the hips back and wrists which helps to avoid fractures.

Flexibility exercises help to allow you to move your joints through their range of muscle. This helps with balance and avoiding muscle injury. It can also help you to avoid bad posture which helps to avoid fractures associated with osteoporosis. It can also help you to avoid bad posture which helps to avoid fractures associated with osteoporosis

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