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gVital Green Tea

gVital Green Tea

This is a tea so rare and premium, it was originally reserved only for ancient emperors. Now you can enjoy this royal treatment everyday. 

It is made entirely from the King of Herbs, Ganoderma Lucidum. And as it is grown organically using log-cultivation, you know that you are getting quality that is truly fit for kings. 

Besides having all the goodness of Ganoderma and being caffeine-free, the gVital Gano Tea is very versatile. You can either have it straight or add a drop of honey, or a slice of ginger, and maybe some goji berries or red dates. You can even add the tea bag into soups. Try it for yourself today.

Green tea, traditionally used for medicinal purposes in China, is now widely consumed globally for its health benefits. Known as a super drink, it is naturally rich in antioxidants. Simply google “green tea benefits” and read about studies done on its application in weight loss, cholesterol reduction, lowering risk of cancer, cardiovascular health and many more.

Our green tea is 100% organic and we have added to it, 100% organic ganoderma extract, bringing this drink to another level.

Taken warm with meals to aid digestion and chilled for hot summer days.

Beautifully presented in a tin container and holding 25 tea bags, it is an ideal gift for any occassion. RRP $25.00

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