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Coconut Oil as a Deep Conditioner

Coconut Oil as a Deep Conditioner

How to use coconut oil as a very good deep conditioner

In order to utilize coconut oil as a deep conditioner, you will need 70-80 minutes.

But, you will take 60 minutes resting. It is a very good time to sit back, to read something or just close your eyes and relax. Find a reclining chair or your favorite most comfortable spot in your house. Try to offer yourself a pause when you apply a coconut oil deep conditioner on your head. Not just will your hair get healthier and healthier: but your mind and body will, too.

1. Before you apply the conditioner to your hair, prepare organic virgin coconut oil, a wide-tooth comb: a shower cap; a warm towel, a teaspoon and some hair pins. If you do not want to melt coconut oil in your hands, you will also need two bowl,a  smaller and a larger one.

2. Wash your hair like usually. However: do not put on any conditioner.

3. When you are out of the shower, gently squeeze your hair with a towel to soak up the water. Stop when your hair is moist, but not dripping wet. Do NOT Rub or pull! It destroys your strands!

4. Brush out the tangles with a wide-tooth comb.

5. Put one teaspoon of coconut oil on your hands and warm it up until it melts. Alternatively, fill a large bowl with hot water. Put 4 teaspoons of coconut oil for shoulder-length hair (2 teaspoons for shorter) into the smaller bowl and place it into a bigger one. You can stir it up with the spoon to make it melt faster.

6. Scoop just a few drops of coconut oil and sprinkle them along your part. Rub the oil into your scalp. Then, sweep your hair over to get access to a different part of your scalp and apply some drops of coconut oil. Repeat until the skin of your head has been all covered with the oil. Be careful – you do not want to put too much! Just a few drops in each spot. Now give yourself a moment of relaxation – massage your scalp for at least 1 minute.

7. Melt some oil in your hands or a bowl and run your oil hands down the
length of your hair. You can also use a comb to spread the oil evenly on your
strands. Start 4 inches from your scalp and go all the way down to ends. Make
sure all strands are coated, even those in inner layers.

8. Put another teaspoon on your hands and melt it.

9. Apply coconut oil to the ends of your hair. You may use one teaspoon more if
your hair ends are split, dry or weak.

10. Warm up a towel. You may want to put it in warm water and then wring it out until it is damp, not dripping wet. Using warm towel will boost blood circulation in your scalp and give you a relaxing spa experience.

11. Wrap the towel firmly around your hair piled on top of your head and use hair pins to keep the towel on your head.

12. Put a plastic shower cap on your head. Again, you can put in some hair pins.

13. Lift your feet up, grab a book or put on your favorite show. It is time to

14. Keep the coconut oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes. If you can do it
longer, one hour is perfect!

15. When the time is up, take off the shower cap and towel.

16. Wash your hair again. Make sure you use enough shampoo to get the oil out. No one likes an oily scalp! Use lukewarm water to prevent moisture loss but also wash the oil out. Do so for 5 minutes or until you are sure the oil has been washed out.

This treatment will work wonders if you wish to stimulate hair growth. Make sure you repeat it at least once every two weeks. In the beginning, it may take you some time to discover the perfect amount of coconut oil that your hair needs.

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