Writing, a pleasure or a pain?

On many occasions I have heard others complain about writing service, and I’m sure school didn’t really help to improve the way you view writing either.

However I find that writing can on many occasions be more of a pleasure than a pain. It can be an outlet, not only for your imagination, but for your emotions and energy. Writing does not require a large amount of physical strength or endurance, what is needed however is mental endurance. This should enable you to keep going when it seems like you have to drag every word out of the deepest corners of your mind. It should also enable you to write for considerable amounts of time, sitting still for very long may not be overly healthy for the body, but I can assure you, the mental exercise is good for the mind.

In addition to this, writing an article about something is a really good way to develop a deeper knowledge of something and actually remember it.

Sure, you can do some online and offline research on some random subject that interests you, but chances are, you’ll forget soon enough. The mind does not have room for every little thing in the universe that you choose to research on a whim. So if there is something that really interests you, something that you would just love to know more about, you can conduct some research and write an article, length of your choice. Things that are read and written have a much larger chance of staying in your memory than something that was just read.

However if you think writing is boring, it most likely will be boring, unless you make an effort to make it entertaining, something small like writing about something that interests you might be all it takes.

Or you can use it as a tool to get that imaginary universe you’re walking around with inside your head out into the real world. The bottom line is, there are no limits to what you can write about and unless you hate the act of writing, whether digitally or with a pen and paper, I’m sure you can find something to write about that entertains you.