Tips on Writing Essays

You can write essays when you have some spare time

Basically, you can write essays at any time. Do you have nothing to do for a few minutes? What’s to keep you from quickly writing an essay? It just takes about 10 minutes!

That’s enough to create the basis of your essay. You can edit and complete it later. Take this essay: I wrote it in northern France, on August 27, and have edited it on September 3. Just remember to never write and edit an essay on the same day.

Creating content is a “way of life”

If you want to distinguish yourself from your competition, regardless of your field of expertise, then producing relevant content regularly will get you on the right track! Of course, it has to become part of your system, your discipline. If you forget about it for a while, it’s hard to get started again. Always write down any ideas for content immediately. You can use a little notebook or a digital device. Regularly revise the topics and cross out the ones you have used. It doesn’t really matter what method you use, but mind maps can be a useful tool.

Because you are actively using this list and regularly reviewing the topics, you’ll notice that you start casually picking up information about those topics. It’s just like when you buy a certain model and color car, and suddenly you see that exact same car everywhere!

Your feelers for content are always out and on alert

When you watch TV, listen to the radio, read the paper or a magazine, your feelers should always be out so you can pick up signals for new content related to your field of expertise. Even conversations with friends, customers or clients can provide input for your essays. And especially then you have the opportunity to ask questions and listen to opinions and arguments.

Try to listen.

Take this essay. The moment I’m writing the basis for it, I’m in northern France. We have just played a round of golf and it has started to rain. We decide to wait for a little for the weather to improve. My wife is reading a book and I’m lost in thought. That’s when I grab my phone and start writing that moments like this are perfect moments for creating content, too!

Also now: use a timer to write for exactly 5 or 10 minutes!

It’s not as fast of course, but that doesn’t matter! What I am trying to convey with this essay is that you realize that, if you want to, you can let yourself be inspired to produce content in those 5 or 10 minutes! Phones usually have a timer and I use that time as my arbiter, to force myself to stop writing after 10 minutes.

So: there are no excuses not to be producing content. As proof that I’m not just sitting at my desk making up this story, I have added the picture above. I took it, after those 10 minutes of writing, with the same phone I used to write the essay.