Helpful Topic Examples

Start with an example that illustrates your problem so here’s an example of a paper that I wrote some time ago and the very first thing I did was give a little program and explain the problem with it and explain that somehow my paper was going to fix this problem okay so that’s an initial hook not a general description of a problem but something rather specific that’s my suggestion then you may want to generalize a little bit but in in stating your problem I think it’s helpful to be not too ambitious so some people state problems that are like Mount Everest here’s an example computer programs often have bugs it’s very important to eliminate them many researchers have tried it’s really very important. Discover how to come up with good example at Edusson.

Now what have you learnt from this introduction right do you think fantastic this paper is the one I’m going to read because it’s going to tell me how to fix bugs no you think here is a general observation that everybody would agree with and that you could you know is that motherhood and apple pie nobody could disagree with this you see what I mean or another way to say it is he’s posed the problem that thousands of computer scientists have worked on four hundred well tens of year and it’s never going to be done anyway right so do you see why that is not a useful thing to say in that introduction part this is the part which you still have your hundred readers right and there but they’re busy falling off the dropping like flies like every sentence that goes by another ten readers have died and you know they’ve sort of fallen off so you you have to kind of use your your precious words at the beginning those gold-plated words and things that hang on to them so don’t give them this garbage right.

Instead here’s a kind of count for example here’s that say here’s a particular program that shows a particular kind of bug right and my paper is going to show you how to catch or automatically nail an interesting class of bugs like this one you see how that feels different mole hills not mountains this seems counterintuitive right because usually we’re told to frame our work ambitiously but don’t frame it to ambitiously or which people will just won’t believe you that’s what it amounts to okay so that was the first thing describe your problem so you’ve got about you know a little half page for that then you want to say what the contributions contributions of the paper are now this is really important and I think it’s worth worth lighting a first draft early you write a first draft of your contributions and you go back later and rewrite them and then you give that lecture and rewrite them but you need to know what the first draft is so the list of contributions drives everything you do in the paper.