College & Writing Tips : Rules for Writing an Autobiography

Today we’re going to talk about how to write an autobiography. Or the rules for writing an autobiography. I’m not even really sure if there are complete rules but the thing is, the first rule would probably be that you have to write it about yourself.

So first of all start taking down all of your most vivid memories from your life. Take down your most treasured memories and the most painful memories that you have. And basically write down everything that you have accomplished in your life. What has been most important to you? What have you accomplished in your work, in your family and things like this? And then as you have written down all of your memories start to string them together into a meaningful sequence. And it really doesn’t matter if you write in in a linear fashion or if you sort of skip around because really today we can write and way that we want. So take your own rules for that.

And then finally, I have my example here Charlie Chaplin’s autobiography. Charlie Chaplin was a very famous person. He had a very difficult life with lots of experiences that were not everyday experiences for most people. But he also had; I think he was married about five different times and in this book, whenever he was writing this book he was quite old and he wrote about his former wives in it. But one wife he did not mention in the book at all because he did not I guess want to offend her by saying anything that he would regret.

And I have also seen autobiographies posted online by famous people. A few things like this happen to pop up in which they write things that they regret, that others read. So think about what you’re writing in your autobiography. Know that people you know are going to be reading it and figure out how you need to censor yourself, and what you feel like you can not write objectively about, about yourself. And that’s my two cents on writing an autobiography.