A Letter Of Recommendation

If you read a letter of recommendation and just say so and so was xx in a class of 55 they got an a B in this course etc that’s limited information if I have someone curriculum via I can write a better recommendation because I can make it fuller and richer having spoken to so and so knowing that they have done X Y & Z they’re in a great position and because you’re gonna need this document the rest of your life you’re going to set it up now and you’re gonna keep it up every month every year for the rest of your career so I have another website called undergrad advising dot-com and I have undergraduate advice pre-health advice and pre grant advice. Take a look at how the recommendation letter should look like at Edusson.

And here if you click on the pre are actually on the undergraduate advice you’ll see a page like this and in the middle you’ll see that there’s a video on converting a resume to a curriculum Vita and right under that there’s a word document which is called the duello hybrid CV template and this is a great way just to get format right I have you do your curriculum Vita as if you’re a faculty member and then when people look at it they go wow they’re way ahead of their peers and what they’re aiming for so you can just use this template you can erase what I have there and put in your own information and you’re going to have the formatting correctly we’re not trying to save space here we’re trying to make it readable so I said you start out with this polished CV or the hybrid whatever and now you’re gonna write an outline for the essay and you can get a lot of different opinions about hot lines it doesn’t have to be ramen or a wine Roman numeral to it maybe phrases it may be short statements of some kind but you want to start with an organization that’s what I mean so first you want a great introduction you want something that makes the reader want to quit reading.

It’s a quick excuse me keep reading okay so go while and why should I keep reading now I like to see somebody put in their educational background only is name-dropping so saying for instance having had the opportunity to you know receive my Bachelor at University of wisconsin-madison what that does is that’s name-dropping you’re not going to give your whole educational history but you’re saying University of wisconsin-madison and that tells them oh I should be impressed by that next I am going to recommend that you talk about your research experiences I have lots of lots of pre-health students who say but I don’t want to be a scientist and that’s because no one’s explained to you what the value of research is which we’ll talk about later the value being that it teaches analytical thinking and analytical thinking is the basis of diagnosis so there is no way that research doesn’t matter it may not be required but it’s impressive.